Why Choose Reborn Aesthetics Institute?

Reborn Aesthetics Institute is your premier destination for comprehensive training in aesthetics. We specialize in cosmetics injectables, laser treatments, and offer invaluable business mentoring to empower your success. Our mission is to nurture a new generation of practitioners who excel in technical skill and embody integrity, empathy, and authenticity. Join us and unlock your potential for transformative results and professional growth.

Cosmetic Injectables Shadow Day

Tailored exclusively for student nurses, medical students, EN's, RN's, and doctors, our Shadow Course offers invaluable insights into the inner workings of a cosmetic clinic. From mastering facial anatomy and product selection to adeptly managing adverse reactions, this course equips you with essential knowledge prior to stepping into the clinic.

Key Features:
Explore facial anatomy, product choices, and adverse reaction management in detail.
Witness firsthand the intricacies of cosmetic treatments through observation of 10 - 20 live models each day.
Hone your skills in safe injection techniques with landmark-based training, ensuring precision and minimizing risks.
Upon completion, receive a prestigious certificate of attendance and a personalized reference to bolster your career prospects.
Flexible Course Dates: Reach out to us to discuss and personalize course dates based on your availability.

Cost:  $999 per day

Laser Log Book Hours 

Our institutes provides supervised training for required laser hours before applying for an unrestricted laser license. Practical and theoretical laser hours are overseen by experienced technicians and signed off upon competency.

Upon completion, a referral letter detailing your laser hours is sent to QLD Radiation Health. The number of practical hours varies by treatment:

Laser Tattoo Removal: 100 hours
Laser Skin Rejuvenation & Pigmentation: 50 hours

Training Highlights:
One-on-one training with experienced supervisors and fully licensed clinicians.
Flexible options for non-medical and medical applicants, with nationally recognized training available.
All trainees must have completed a Laser Safety Course and hold a Trainee license from RHQ Department.

Cost: $4,999 

Start Your Own Business-1:1 Mentoring with multipreneur Irene

This personalised virtual business coaching solution allows you to work with multipreneur Irene over 3 days individual mentoring sessions to carefully analyse what your business needs to grow.  Irene will guide you through short, sharp focused blocks of dedicated time to develop a tailored business plan.

This course is a comprehensive guide covering essential aspects crucial for small business success. Key areas include:

1. Introduction to Small Business:
- Understanding the essence of small business ownership, including emotional considerations and responsibilities.
- Exploring the value of a business and its significance in future endeavors such as acquisition or sale.

2. Business Plan Framework:
- Evaluating business strengths, weaknesses, and external influences to strategize effectively.

3. Financial Planning:
- Addressing funding methods and future planning, with a focus on maintaining a healthy debt ratio.

4. Marketing and Promotions:
- Delving into the fundamentals of the marketing mix and identifying target markets.
- Examining the seven crucial components contributing to business success.
- Exploring traditional and digital marketing strategies, including online promotions and social media integration.

5. Customer Relations:
- Understanding customer expectations and responsibilities as a business owner.

6. Human Resources:
- Exploring considerations when expanding your team to support business growth.

7. Legal and Administrative Aspects:
- Addressing taxation responsibilities, legal obligations, and the importance of insurance for business protection.

Cost: $6,999