Explore Premium Treatment Room Rentals at Our State-of-the-Art Cosmetic Clinic in Annerley, Brisbane!

Are you a dedicated beauty or wellness professional in search of the perfect workspace to nurture your talents? Your search ends here. We're delighted to introduce our newly available treatment rooms, meticulously crafted to cater to your unique needs within the vibrant city of Brisbane.

Your All-in-One Solution in Brisbane: Situated in the heart of this bustling city, our cosmetic clinic serves as a hub for a diverse range of professionals, including Lash Technicians, Cosmetic Tattooists, Beauty Therapists, Make-Up Artists, Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists, Nutritionists, Nail Technicians, and individuals from the health and beauty sector.

Affordability Meets Excellence: Our rates start from just $250 plus GST per week, offering competitive pricing for exceptional quality. Long-term rental arrangements can be tailored to suit your needs.

 A Prime Brisbane Location: Discover us at 69 Juliette Street, Annerley, Brisbane, QLD 4103. Your journey toward a thriving business within the vibrant city of Brisbane begins here.

Elevate your career within an environment of sophistication and functionality. Join our dynamic community of professionals at our cosmetic clinic. Connect with us today to secure your space and embark on a path of success and fulfillment.

Reborn Rooms Inclusions:

Your Gateway to Brisbane's Cosmetics Scene: Nestled strategically in the heart of Brisbane, Reborn Rooms provide more than just a space; they offer a portal into the city's thriving cosmetics scene. Immerse yourself in a dynamic market and gain access to a diverse clientele that seeks the latest trends and top-notch services.

24/7 Secure Access - Accommodating Your Clientele: Unlock the potential of your schedule with the freedom of 24/7 secure access to your dedicated treatment room. As you cater to clients with varying schedules, your space becomes a haven of convenience for both early appointments and late sessions.

Essential Utilities, Elevated for Cosmetic Excellence: From essential water and electricity services to high-speed Wi-Fi, every detail is thoughtfully covered. Immerse yourself in delivering cutting-edge cosmetic services while we ensure your operational needs are met seamlessly.

Culinary Comfort for Client Delight: Elevate client experiences with the convenience of our fully equipped kitchen, offering filtered chilled and boiling water, espresso coffee, and herbal teas. These extra touches enhance their comfort and create an atmosphere of indulgence.

Laundry Ease for Impeccable Presentation: Maintain your professional image with complete laundry facilities, including a washer and dryer. Your attention to detail shines through in your services and the space you offer.

Relaxation Redefined - A Sanctuary for All: Transform waiting time into relaxation time with our luxe waiting area and breakout spaces, tailored to create a tranquil oasis for both you and your clients.

Personalized Comfort - Tailoring the Experience: Offer a bespoke experience with individual temperature control within your treatment room. This attention to personal comfort reflects your dedication to delivering a high-caliber cosmetic experience.

Enhanced Privacy for Premium Services: Elevate the exclusivity of your cosmetic offerings with sound reduction insulation that fosters an environment of complete privacy and tranquility.

Tailored Storage Solutions - Effortless Organization: Stay organized and efficient with custom shelving and storage, ensuring that your equipment and supplies are readily accessible for each unique procedure.

Refreshment Haven - Nurturing Wellbeing: Cater to your clients' wellbeing with access to an exclusive onsite bathroom and a convenient hand wash basin within your treatment space.

Transparent Pricing - Empowering Your Business Growth: Elevate your cosmetic clinic with the exceptional convenience and comfort of Reborn Rooms, all at an accessible rate. Enhance your service offerings with weekly rates from $250 plus GST per week.

Elevate your cosmetic practice in Brisbane's bustling scene with Reborn Rooms. Book your treatment space today and immerse yourself in an environment designed to nurture your journey towards cosmetic excellence.